Make Money On Poshmark

To start, come up with a cute username. The cuter, the better, and more memorable a potential customer is to remember your “Closet”.

Start off by sorting through your real closet, drawers, and dressers. Find what you have not worn, or haven’t touched in ages. *Damaged items are hard to sell on Poshmark and are better off being donated, or up cycled.

Decide if you have any Brand Name items. Items from popular retailers like Hollister, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Victoria’s Secret, etc. tend to sell really well. Items from K-Mart, etc. tend to take longer to sell, and will fetch lower prices.

Sort out your merchandise into piles by cost. As a rule of thumb, brand-new items should sell from 5-10 dollars less than what it retails for. Used items should sell for about 45% of the price you originally paid for it. Many items though such as Michael Kors handbags and Hunter rain boots will often fetch retail prices as they are constantly in high demand. It’s best for you to do a search in the app or website to see the prices of what you are similarly selling.

After you decide what you are going to sell your items for, it’s time to list them! On Poshmark, your cover photo is everything. If you take a picture of a wrinkled shirt thrown on the floor where you cannot see any design or shape to it, it’s far less likely to sell than something modeled on yourself, a mannequin, or neatly displayed from a hanger. I recommend staying away from using a picture off a website for your item as it makes the connection from seller to buyer more distant and can often show a fake representation of your ACTUAL item.

Be descriptive! In your description of every item, include every flaw, and highlight every pro to the item of sale.

Would it be cute for a night out? Is it so soft you wanna die? Does it appear darker than it does in the photo? Educating your buyer on your item is key to prevent returns and make sales. Show your face in the community! Being on Poshmark and strictly listing items is not the only way to gain followers and have your closet gain attention. You need to become an active member of the community as well! Comment on people’s closets, follow people similar to your sizes, like other’s listings, participate in follow and share games. It’s not really time consuming, and the outcome is sales.

Package your items with aesthetic appeal in mind. A person is more likely to buy from your closet again if the package they received was really packed with love, care, a thank you note, etc. I hope you have enjoyed these easy steps! Poshmark can be such a fun and easy way to make and spend money. I have bought many awesome pieces to add to my closet from here as well as have made over a thousand extra spending dollars!

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